About Us

Our Mission:

To create a bridge that connects the Sacramento-Sierra community with the healing and life changing practice of yoga

Who We Are:

We are a team of yoga teachers, healers, event producers, and community organizers dedicated to integrating the Sacramento & Sierra yoga community while offering a way to make the yoga practice more accessible to members of our greater community.

The Woodpecker: mini

The nurturing and empathic woodpecker is a symbol of balance, awareness, and understanding. Much like our mindful community, these birds work purposefully and collaboratively to create their extended families. The color red, like the woodpeckers crest, is associated with grounding, and the trees they make into homes are reminders to root and return to the womb of our true Self. Their rhythmic drumming is the knock of opportunity like the heartbeat inside our chest bringing us into the present moment. Their determinant and curious Spirit shows us the value of using our intelligence and discernment as we shift into the ever evolving new paradigm.

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